women push-ups

100 Push Up

The 100 Pushup Variations infographic was developed by Sergeant Mike Volkin of Strength Stack 52 and Dan Delisle of PushXpro. The push-up variations increase in difficulty as you go down the chart.  Start with a pushup variation that is challenging and move down the chart as you get stronger!

For this infographic, you will find effective facial support for the sponge, for the butt, the bicep, the pad, etc. The facial features are suitable for both men and women. Apparently, with all kinds of names and piped liners are seen on Youtube, you will see the proper implementation of facial support.

One of the most effective suppressing suppressants for the physical development of our body is the facial opiates.

They are influenced by the perfect replacement of the body, the joint, the joint, and the entire body, without the need for additional documentation. And in order to be maximally effective, it can be performed in childlike ways and will focus on the different parts of the word.

Original with the included video for each type of pushpin at Strength Stack