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Kettlebell workout routines for weight loss – The 13 Best Kettlebells Exercises

This article will try to look at the primary and most popular exercises with a kettlebell. We will answer questions such as: Why do I use a kettlebell? Which size to choose? What are the advantages of kettlebell? How to perform exercises with a kettlebell.? What is a kettlebell? The kettlebell is a cast iron or cast …

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100 Push Up

The 100 Pushup Variations infographic was developed by Sergeant Mike Volkin of Strength Stack 52 and Dan Delisle of PushXpro. The push-up variations increase in difficulty as you go down the chart.  Start with a pushup variation that is challenging and move down the chart as you get stronger! For this infographic, you will find effective facial support …

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What is keto diet?

Keto diet – benefits and risks A keto diet or a ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. The ketogenic diet focuses on fats, which supply up to 90% of daily calories. The typical keto diet consists of at least 70 percent of the calories derived from fat, less than 10 percent of carbohydrates, and …

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10 Tips for Eating Healthy

What can we do to feel better and eat healthy? Until recently, diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and others were thought to be inevitable consequences of aging. However, as we already know, thanks to nutrigenomics, this is not precisely the case. We have a lot of control …

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