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Free home workout with dumbbells and elastic fitness band

Home workout exercises

The program is relatively lightweight and certainly not as burdensome and demanding as the one in the gym, but it is much better to train at home instead of just standing in front of the TV waiting for the viral wave to pass.

1. Whole-body warming

Warm-up is an essential part of the workout because it stimulates blood circulation, tightens muscles, and smoothly boosts your heart rate. It also reduces the risk of injury! Here’s how to easily warm-up at home:

• Run on-site for 3-5 minutes.

• 10-15 circular movements of the joints and limbs in each direction to warm the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, pelvis, knees, and ankles.

The goal is to move your joints slightly and prepare you for your workout. Don’t be exhausted right from the start!

2. Front knee support (or elastic breast presses)

Three series x 12-15 reps. If it’s too easy for you, you can do the standard push-ups instead.

3. Rowing with elastic fitness band – upright or sitting possition.

Three series x 12-15 reps

4. Biceps curl with dumbbells (or elastic fitness bands)

Three series x 12-15 reps.

You can choose between dumbbells or erasers. If you bet on an eraser – hold it with your soles and grab the grips the way you would hold the dumbbells

Fold slowly and smoothly, do not lower your arms in the up position, but hold them under gentle tension before lowering them back to the starting position.

5. Bench dip – triceps

Three series x 12-15 reps
You can use a chair, the edge of the bed, if the headboard is stable, a bench, or another comfortable surface.

6. Dumbbell Front Squat

Three series as many reps as you can (no more than 15 per series)
If it is challenging for you, separate the two exercises: Shoulder presses do them with dumbbells, and separately do squats with dumbbells or your own weight.

7. Gluteus Bridge – glute exercise

Three series x 15-20 reps
You can do the exercise with your own weight or with a dumbbell on your lap for the extra workload.

8. Romanian deadlift with dumbbells

Three series x 15-20 reps

9. Belly presses

Three series of 15-20 reps. Perform the exercises as a super series: you do one set of abdominal presses and immediately one series of supermen, then rest and move on to the second series of each.

10. Cardio

You can finish with 30 minutes of cardio if the goal is to lose weight.

Further clarifications

• Do this workout 3-4 times a week.
• Do three sets of exercises each. If you feel more advanced and can handle more exercise – increase the weight or add one more series of exercises.
• You rest for 45 seconds between exercises and their set.
• Perform each repetition carefully and focused, paying attention to the correct execution technique.
• Breathe properly. Exhale at the moment of exertion, and exhale when you release the weight!

And if you are looking for something even more productive or you find the exercises above too easy or inconvenient for you, or you have more equipment that you want to use, but you are not sure how – you can go for a personal training program, made specifically for you, your purpose, needs, and opportunities.